PR Photography Samples

Publicity Photography

Effective PR photography reinforces brand messages. If a headline or opening sentence fails to seize the attention, powerful images can come to the rescue.

PR photographs can range from businesspeople shaking hands to a group of cheering fundraisers. They can be product shots that play with perspective, or choreographed action shots. A single high quality headshot might be all that’s needed, or you might need a full gallery of images from a specific event.

If you’re not sure what type of images might be appropriate for your story, the communications background of Composed Images can help. We can create fresh ideas around your story, your brand and your message.

Cardiff is full of striking, iconic architecture and south Wales is packed with attractive locations. There are bustling cosmopolitan cities like Cardiff and Swansea, spectacular mountaintops and endless stretches of unspoiled coastline.

Whereas a detailed press release or news story demands time we might not have, a picture can be instantly understood.  Well-considered and professionally executed photographs can represent a message and invite closer attention.

Images can break up passages of text and make pages more approachable. Stopping readers from skimming bulky blocks of text requires breathing space and time to think. Good pictures help.

With extensive professional communications experience, Composed can give due consideration to your messages and deliver a tailored set of images.

Below is a sample of images which have appeared alongside publicity, press releases and stories delivered to media outlets. If you’re interested in more general business photography, or photography for corporate events, please visit the respective pages.

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