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What Do Your Pictures Say About Your Business?

Businesses need strong and authentic images. Many businesses instinctively reach for stock photography, which can certainly serve a purpose. But it can’t tell the unique story of your distinctive Bridgend brand, your Cardiff business, your Swansea people, who you are, where you are, and what you do. There is little sense of individualism or authenticity.

A close up of two businessmen in suits shaking hands will not draw a potential customer in. Models in suits sitting around a table in a high-rise office block and laughing at a joke: that tends to feels artificial.


Composed Images prefers understanding businesses first; who they are, where they come from, what they value, and how that influences the impression they give customers. Really think about what your current set of images say about you, and if you’re happy with it.  Across industries from the corporate high-rise world, to the small business, the basic principles are the same. And they are really simple.



























Images matter beyond a website. It’s important to have images with impact on your homepage, but you need to keep delivering consistent messages through social media channels too. Images have the power to halt an impatiently scrolling finger on a smartphone, much more than words.

The power of physical print should be remembered too. Your literature needs to attract to people to pick it up. An annual report can be made more approachable and personable when broken up with relevant images. The right pictures can make your business more coherent.

Clients of Composed Images have included colleges and universities, start-up communities, multi-national management consultancies, PR agencies, social enterprises, small businesses and recruitment consultancies. Services offered to businesses include headshots of staff for profiles, external and internal images of your office, product shots, branded vehicle shots or images at a client location.

If you need images for a corporate event in south Wales or the south west, Composed is used to delivering quickly. Images can be used for live blogging or tweeting while an event is still in progress. For more on event photography, pop over here.

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A break-out seminar session during a conference at Celtic Manor Resort, June 2019.

A conference at Jury's Inn, November 2019.